Coś o wieloświecie w świetle fizyki i o tym, że wieloświat, o którym mówi się w kontekście tzw. krajobrazu teorii strun, nie ma nic wspólnego z pseudonaukową wieloświatową interpretacją mechaniki kwantowej:Multiverse may be real, needed The landscape itself isn’t a „multiverse”. The landscape is a structure that exists on the configuration space of string theory, basically on the space of the spacetime scalar fields ϕi. In particular, it’s used for the set of candidate vacua i.e. the stationary points (minima) of the potential V(ϕi). The multiverse is something that geometrically exists in the „regular spacetime” – it is a type of the (very large) spacetime. So the landscape isn’t a multiverse.
At most, the string theory landscape suggests that a specific multiverse could exist (i.e. the „landscape gives rise to a multiverse”), a multiverse in which different parts are Universes built around different vacua in the landscape i.e. obey different effective low-energy laws of physics. But this kind of the multiverse generated by the string theory landscape is really the same thing as the multiverse from eternal inflation.
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