Oglądałem ostatnio sporo materiałów o podboju kosmosu w związku z 50. rocznicą lądowania na księżycu i teraz Youtube zaproponował mi film z pierwszego startu rakiety Saturn V. Sam film warty obejrzenia, ale prawdziwe wrażenie robi dopiero z komentarzem pod filmem, którym chciałem się podzielić.

Before the 1800’s, the fastest a human being had ever traveled, for hundreds of thousands of years, was about 35mph, or the running speed of a horse. With the advent of the steam locomotive, people could travel at twice that. By 1912, the year the Titanic sank, a human exceeded 100mph in an airplane for the first time. Only 35 years later, man broke the sound barrier at 650mph. Only 10 years later, in 1957, speeds of twice that were possible.

And in 1969, only 66 years after the Wright Brothers first lifted off the ground, the astronauts of Apollo 10 traveled faster than any other humans ever have, at nearly 40,000mph relative to the Earth. An entire generation went to school before the airplane was invented, and then saw the Moon Landing in their old age.

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